Hamlet Condiment Co

Hamlet Cafe are tackling Tasmanian unemployment by offering volunteer training services within their cafe – building skills and confidence in the hospitality industry and creating job-ready participants. They are community focused and believe everyone deserves a chance to live a meaningful life within their community. With my five years of experience working with them, I can attest to the positive transformation they have brought to the community. Hamlet has built a reputation for itself and continues to be a strong force by creating meaningful changes and opportunities for individuals.

Most recently, I designed a collection of labels for their condiment range, including a lid label/tamper label revealing the faces of various participants within Hamlet. The main front labels feature a soft leafy illustration as well as quotes from the wonderful participants of Hamlet (leading readers to full stories on the website).

The condiment range sits as a subtle wave of colour on the shelves, with the wide range of colours displayed across the lids. 

All images by Rosie Hastie