Digital Inclusion

A comprehensive package of creative materials was developed for Libraries Tasmania in support of their Digital Inclusion for 21st Century Learners initiative. This included a collection of stylised digital illustrations targeting specific age groups and a ‘keepsake’ flyer design. These assets were designed with a focus on enhancing children’s experience and engagement with digital technology at home and school, to ultimately foster programs and services that support a more inclusive digital community. 

Orlando Plenty

Orlando: Famed land, Plenty: Food in abundance

Ryan and Sappho, the wonderful owners of Orlando Plenty, approached me to re-brand their pop up food bar. Their existing logo typeface needed to remain but they were wanting something more that visually represented who they were, how they worked and lived, and the abundance of food they gratefully have the opportunity to work with here in lutruwita/Tasmania.

The new design pays homage to this beautiful island, representing the four seasons through a customised hand drawn illustration. You can see hints of fig, lemons, broad beans and zuchinni, amongst twisting nasturtiums, borage, herbs and native flora. The illustration exists like a living, growing garden — working beautifully together and bringing people together.

The branding leans gently into feelings of nourishment and warm hugs, whilst also telling a story of Orlando’s connection to land, their home, and the produce in which they work with every day and share through their food.

The colours were inspired from vintage fabric Ryan and Sappho had collected and aligned with the original colours of their established food van. 

1000 Voices

In collaboration with the Department of Education Tasmania and Tagari Lia Aboriginal Child and Family centre, I designed and illustrated an A4 booklet sharing the first 250 voices of 1000 in their community in Bridgewater.

1000 Voices aims to share the strengths in the community, what the community dreams for, barriers and how to overcome these barriers. 

The design is focused on the beautiful composition and form of the Tasmanian maireener shell necklace, a significant cultural artefact for Tasmanian Aboriginal history. The necklace symbolises the connection and collection of voices within the book, delicately curving and winding its way throughout the pages from beginning to end.

SW Heritage Landing

In collaboration with Fiona Rice and Parks Wildlife Tasmania, I designed and illustrated a number of interp signs installed deep in the Southwest of Tasmania. Each flora sign displays a black linear drawing scaled true-to-life, a dissected background pattern and an orange line object that relates to the use/relationship of the plant. These objects are also made into large rusted steel totems that are immersed in the forest so viewers can identify the plant species.

More signage work rolled on from this project to help visitors identify fauna and more specific information about the beautiful and unique area of South West Tasmania.

Collage Piece

Two people, two countries and one love… this was a commissioned artwork for an engaged couple in Tasmania. It is a symbolic representation of each person, crossing paths with their lives entwined. 

The print can be flipped upside down and viewed either way and was created as a painting collage, digitally composed.


In collaboration with a book author, I illustrated and designed the book layout for a children’s chapter book. Here is just a small collection of the illustrations created.

Medium: Watercolour, ink, pencil + graphic.