Punch & Ladle

Punch and Ladle crafted a fun and playful range of bottled spritz and aperitifs in Tasmania with a focus on quality while using the best of local produce and supporting local distilleries, producers and farmers.

With a fresh and fun branding in mind, I designed a collection of artful labels celebrating the unique craft of  making alcoholic drinks (fluid motions, stirring, mixing, tasting) with freehand lines jumping around punchy and colourful shapes and forms. This artwork has become the face of Punch and Ladle’s branding.

The unique label designs create a vibrant and festive product range that ultimately stands out from the crowd on product shelves, bars and festival stands in Tasmania.

All images by Jon Gazzignato 

Beach Bums

Nestled behind beautiful Park beach in Dodges Ferry lies Beach Bums, a new thriving beachside cafe offering the finest coffee, icecream and fish and chips and giving the local community and beach goers a new place to wind down and hang out in the sun. Beach Bums logo reflects this salt and sand friendly space and adds a subtle ‘cheek’ to the design.

Images 1, 2, 5 & 6 by Pacifico Photography 

Wild Mother

Wild Mother Tasmania’s premium bottle labels were thoughtfully crafted to compliment the experimental process of cultivating apple cider vinegar in different oak casks.

The design presents an understated simplicity that reiterates the brand’s commitment to quality and authenticity and highlights its distinctiveness as a product from Tasmania.

The label was then adapted to other products crafted by vinegar maker Tim Jones, who also created a limited edition, one-off collaborative release of Maple Syrup aged in single malt whisky casks.

All images by Rémi Chauvin

Digital Inclusion

A comprehensive package of creative materials was developed for Libraries Tasmania in support of their Digital Inclusion for 21st Century Learners initiative. This included a collection of stylised digital illustrations targeting specific age groups and a ‘keepsake’ flyer design. These assets were designed with a focus on enhancing children’s experience and engagement with digital technology at home and school, to ultimately foster programs and services that support a more inclusive digital community. 

Sparrow Foot Farm

Located in the scenic hills of Franklin, lutruwita/Tasmania, Sparrow Foot Farm is a remarkable family-owned business. Their name reflects their dedication to being environmentally conscious, while still producing high-quality food for the local community. The linocut-style logo perfectly embodies the farm’s focus on cultivating and nurturing both the land and life on their property. In addition, Sparrow Foot Farm’s choice of typeface is both innovative and memorable, featuring the iconic sparrow footprint shape that is synonymous with their brand.

Orlando Plenty

Orlando: Famed land, Plenty: Food in abundance

Ryan and Sappho, the wonderful owners of Orlando Plenty, approached me to re-brand their pop up food bar. Their existing logo typeface needed to remain but they were wanting something more that visually represented who they were, how they worked and lived, and the abundance of food they gratefully have the opportunity to work with here in lutruwita/Tasmania.

The new design pays homage to this beautiful island, representing the four seasons through a customised hand drawn illustration. You can see hints of fig, lemons, broad beans and zuchinni, amongst twisting nasturtiums, borage, herbs and native flora. The illustration exists like a living, growing garden — working beautifully together and bringing people together.

The branding leans gently into feelings of nourishment and warm hugs, whilst also telling a story of Orlando’s connection to land, their home, and the produce in which they work with every day and share through their food.

The colours were inspired from vintage fabric Ryan and Sappho had collected and aligned with the original colours of their established food van. 


Heartlands is a Tasmanian journey through central Tasmania, rich in history, stories and beauty. 

The Heartlands typeface has been custom designed to feature small bumped edges and uneven forms, representing the handmade brickwork tied into the colonial history of the region. The letterforms subtly nudge you in different directions creating a journey “off the beaten track” – for an experience that both draws you into the past, but allows time to breathe in the present.

This design work was a collaboration with my friends at THE20 and Tourism Tasmania.

Hamlet Condiment Co

Hamlet Cafe are tackling Tasmanian unemployment by offering volunteer training services within their cafe – building skills and confidence in the hospitality industry and creating job-ready participants. They are community focused and believe everyone deserves a chance to live a meaningful life within their community. With my five years of experience working with them, I can attest to the positive transformation they have brought to the community. Hamlet has built a reputation for itself and continues to be a strong force by creating meaningful changes and opportunities for individuals.

Most recently, I designed a collection of labels for their condiment range, including a lid label/tamper label revealing the faces of various participants within Hamlet. The main front labels feature a soft leafy illustration as well as quotes from the wonderful participants of Hamlet (leading readers to full stories on the website).

The condiment range sits as a subtle wave of colour on the shelves, with the wide range of colours displayed across the lids. 

All images by Rosie Hastie

Clarence Climate Action

Clarence Climate Action are a local community group working towards positive climate solutions. I developed a logo identity as a professional face for all of their amazing behind-the-scenes work on climate action and to use across a number of events, workshops, promotions and their website.

Go to clarenceclimateaction.org to find out more on this local community driven initiative.

Simon Says Book

Simon, a seasoned chef, authored a comprehensive cookbook for individuals who want to enhance their culinary skills. The manual comprises engaging anecdotes and valuable techniques that Simon picked up during his career working as a chef on the sea. This project involved the creation of the book’s layout and design and additionally running a photography and style shoot. Jordan Davis Photography’s excellent intricate artistry complements the book’s design, bringing the content to life and effectively conveying Simon’s deep Tasmanian cooking story.