The Understorey is the work of a walker, who finds pleasure in small and often overlooked details, and draws on her utmost love and attention of the environment to inform and build a design practice.

The Understorey name reflects a multi-layered design process, which builds up from the roots to develop work of creative integrity and quality.

Katie, the face of The Understorey, embraces the process of transformation, from the unfurling of the initial idea through to the final resolved project. This practice driven approach means each design is embedded with references to its environment, and is an authentic expression of the places and people involved. 

With over 12+ years experience, Katie has worked on a wide range of print and digital design projects throughout her career with both large-scale design agencies and small design studios. 

She has responded to many government and council design briefs and has built a strong rapport with her ongoing clients locally, interstate and overseas.

Katie supports businesses by building a strong design foundation from the roots up approach. If you have a business project or a business idea close to your heart, please get in touch today – let’s bring your vision to life.